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16 July, 2009

Cheap Namibia Travel

It is no secret that going on holiday costs money. Well, Africa still is one of the places where tourists may experience deserts, ocean, rolling hills and much more without breaking open the piggy bank. Let's take a look at what you can do in Namibia without spending a lot of money:

  1. Driving from Keetmanshoop to Lüderitz you pass the small town of Aus. Passing is the operative word as few people take the time to explore the small town - yes, you guessed it - for free - and it is a shame. At the time I drove through the streets, mostly unpaved, a Springbok hung from the water tower at the local feed shop. Some of the buildings are nearly a century old and the town has an old world feel, which cannot be described in words - you have to feel it. Well, a few kilometers past Aus, you will find the signpost indicating the wild horses of the Namib Desert. If you are lucky, the horses would be present at the shelter. It truly is amazing to see how these animals adapted to life in the desert, but man already made inroads into their independence by touching them and causing them to lose their fear for humans. It would be a sad day, when these horses no longer roam the plains of Namibia freely. Viewing these horses are free and costs the tourist only time and fuel to get there. You might, however need a bit of luck spotting these animals as they do not drink water regularly.

  2. If you continue on the road towards Lüderitz, you'll find the turnoff to Diaz Cross at the entrance to the town. Turn left here and explore the various coastal bays around the Lüderitz peninsula. You'll find oyster farmers, abandoned whale operations, a light house and naturally, Diaz Cross with its monument, hair raising wooden walkbridge and if you are lucky, seals playing in the water when you look down from Diaz Point. Best of all - it's free. Yes, it costs nothing but time and fuel to get there and experience the bays, rocky shores, sandy beaches and small treasures the bays has to offer.

    This is only two of the things to do in Namibia that costs nothing - I will share more in the next couple of posts.

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