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20 May, 2009

Budget Holidays To Africa - Kgalagadi

A holiday to Africa, more specifically Southern Africa, shouldn't cost you your life savings. Nature lovers seeking the wide open spaces and tranquility of the African bush, can have the holiday of their lives making use of the thousands of campsites available on the continent.

While it is true that some camp sites in Southern Africa has deteriorated, there are still plenty places which offer value for money. Lets take the nature reserves for a start:

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a must for people seeking true beauty of the Kalahari desert and plenty of wildlife sightings. Articles about camping in the main camps on the South African side may be found at Suite 101.


Twee Rivieren Camp in Kgalagadi
Mata Mata Camp in Kgalagadi
Nossob Camp in Kgalagadi

Although the conservation fees charged by the SA National Parks may be high, it remains cheaper to camp at these rest camps than to stay in a chalet. If you are planning numerous visits to various South African National Parks, obtaining an international Wild Card from the SA Parks offices, will soften the blow and save you quite a lot of money - especially when traveling as a family.

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