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17 May, 2011

Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve – Attractions and Activities

As stated in the previous post about Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve this resort in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, provides tourists on a budget holiday with many attractions and activities to occupy their time for days on end. Besides the relaxing atmosphere of the reserve and the wildlife and birds visiting the camp, even adrenaline junkies will have their fix of sorts.

What Makes Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve a Sought After Destination?

 Well, just look at what is on offer in and around the resort. You can:-
-  Go on a 36 km long 4x4 trail and traverse sand and mountain
– Take any of the numerous hiking trails in the reserve,
– bike your way through the meandering roads of the reserve,
– go game viewing and bird watching,
– visit the famous ‘Roaring Dunes’ of the Kalahari,
– go dune boarding down the red dunes of the Kalahari, 

Let’s start with the ones I personally did – ok I’m lying – physical activity is not really my style, but the rest of my family has no such qualms.

Dune Boarding at Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve

Dune Boarding at Witsand Kalahari

If physical activity is your passion, you can take the kids and hire a dune board (currently R110-00 per board per day) from the reception office and scale one of the fairly high dunes in the reserve. From other dune boarders (remember I’m not one for exercise) I learned that it pays to wax the board thoroughly before embarking on the downward journey.

Even if you are not into the gliding down a dune at what feels like 100 km per hour with the wind in your hair, the climb to the top is still worthwhile. The view from atop the dune is spectacular and you have a panoramic vista over the roaring white dunes.

Visist the Roaring Dunes of Witsand Kalahari Reserve

'Brulsand' Viewpoint at Witsand Kalahari Reserve

From the viewpoint you have a wonderful view of the roaring sand of the Kalahari. This is probably the most well-known feature of the Witsand Kalahari Reserve and tourists are intrigued by the sound rising from the white dunes in warm and dry conditions.

The white of the roaring sand contrasts sharply with the rest of the red dunes and although the simple explanation for the difference in colour lies in the amount of oxidation around the sand, the white sand just lends a little more mystery to the dunes.

View from viewpoint of Roaring Dunes of Witsand Kalahari

Explore the 4x4 Trail at Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve

This is one of my favourite activities at Witsand Reserve. Approximately 20 km away from the reserve, a 36 km – long 4x4 route takes drivers over some small to medium dunes and some mountainous terrain with breathtaking scenery. The route itself is not all that taxing on either driver or vehicle, but it sure is a lot of fun. Hurtling up a dune at almost full speed, or having a ‘windgat’ driver stop halfway up a rolling dune, tends to get the adrenaline pumping and lift everyone’s spirits.

One of the Dunes at 4x4 track Witsand
Dunes at 4x4 trail Witsand Kalahari
On the way to the route you’ll encounter signs like the one below which will put a premature smile on your face. For those not fluent in Afrikaans, roughly translated it means: treat all gates like your pants’ zip – zip it and close it. 


On the way to the route you can expect to see cori bustards, sociable weaver nests and if you keep your eyes open, various other semi-desert creatures.

With more than 170 bird species and various antelope and other desert creatures, combined with the exciting semi-desert vegetation, it should be clear by now, why your should take time to visit the Witsand Kalahari Nature Reserve.


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