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21 October, 2010

Photographs for Wildlife Enthusiasts

In a previous post I mentioned the stunning photographs taken by Morkel Erasmus, a photographer in South Africa. His blog SAFFAscapes is gaining traction and rising in popularity in both the photography and wildlife spheres.

He recently got his own website where he showcases his photo’s. Although the web site loads a bit slow, it is certainly worth the wait. With wildlife-, landscape-, birds and small creatures photo’s, Morkel inspires the nature lover to get out there and see this for him/herself. The best part of the web site is that you can order most of the photo’s as stock images to use.

From his photo’s it is clear that Morkel is completely in love with the subjects he photographs and he is not shy to show it through his pictures. On his blog, he often tells his readers what settings he used and how the photo was taken, which is great for any amateur who wants to try and copy the photo (it might be quite impossible to get it as good as he does, but we can only try). So, take a look at the site and tell him what you think.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering – I don’t the man from a bar of soap – I just LOVE his photos.)

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