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10 March, 2010

Camping Tips for Tsendze Camp in the Kruger National Park

Tsendze is the newest addition to the rest camps in the Kruger National Park. This camp is, however, not suited for the first time camper not used to camping in the wild.

The facilities at Tsendze Camp close to Mopani Rest Camp, is basic, although extremely well-maintained. These is no electricity, no shop, no fuel and no facilities except two unique ablution buildings and two camp kitchens. Gas geysers provide hot water to the showers (no baths) and solar panels drives the lights.

Camping at Tsendze is scary for the uninitiated. The campsites are private, with the surrounding bush kept intact as much as possible. This means that the local wildlife in the form of scorpions, spiders and snakes move unhindered through the camp. It is common to find scorpions roaming your campsite at night and stepping on one when you are not actively looking out for them, is a real possibility.

Keeping a few simple rules in mind, would help make your stay at this wonderful camp, worthwhile.

  1. Avoid unnecessary walking around at night. Prepare the evening meal as soon as possible and relax under the bright stars while keeping your feet off the ground. Spiders and scorpions frequent the campsites at night, especially during summer, and can cause a nasty surprise to the unwary.
  2. If you have to walk around at night, wear closed shoes and long pants to keep the insects at bay and avoid being bitten or stung.
  3. Use a proper flashlight when visiting the bathrooms after dark. Nothing is worse than hearing a rustling in the bush next to you and not being able to see what moved in the bush.
  4. Always take precautions against malaria as the Kruger National Park is malaria area.
  5. Try to walk in groups if you move around the camp at night.
  6. Keep the campsite area lighted as much as possible. If you can't see the spiders and scorpions it doesn't mean they are not there. Make sure you can detect any movement on the ground and in the surrounding bush.
  7. Although the camp is fenced, this is no guarantee that leopard can't get into the camp. Be vigilant, especially at night and try to avoid walking alone if possible.
That said, this must be the most rewarding camp in respect of privacy and tranquility in the whole of the Kruger National Park. Visitors experiencing the "beat" of Tsendze once, will almost certainly return for more of the same. From just listening to the African bush around you to experiencing the luxury of an open air shower, Tsendze is truly an unique African experience not to be missed.


  1. As a long time camper in the US and Canada I realize that camping in SA is a totally different experience. I'm planning a camping trip to SA in April and am really glad to have found this post.

  2. Camping Africa is a one thing to do in life time. It is a place full of varieties, good blend of natue and bunch of wild animals to see.

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