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12 August, 2009

Trip to Kgalagadi, Mabuasehube and Botswana

Over the weekend hubby informed me he wants to go to the Kgalagadi again in December. Do I hear you scream 'December!'? Yes, you heard right. He wants to tour the Kalahari Desert in the hottest months when temperatures easily reach 40 - 50 degrees Celsius. Well, I thought it would be all right. We've done this before - no sweat. I actually took to the idea of traversing the wilderness again.

We grabbed the map of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and planned a route to the wildest places in the park where we haven't been before. Places like Sizatswe, Swartpan, Gnus Gnus, Polentswa and naturally, the Mabuasehube side of the park. No visit to the Kgalagadi is complete (for us anyway) without a visit to the A-frames and clay pans of Mabuasehube Game Reserve.

Without really knowing what facilities are available at Sizatswe, Swartpan and Gnus Gnus, I phoned the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks reservations office on 00267 318 0774 and proceeded to make a booking. The accommodation at Polentswa and Nossob was limited so I extended our stay in the far north of the park - a total of 8 nights. Fine, if it is just me and hubby there is no worries regardless of the facilities offered. With the provisional booking made, I enquired about the facilities in the northern part (Botswana side) of the Kgalagadi and was told...there is nothing. Not even a toilet, no water and no ablutions. You have to carry everything with you. This didn't bother me as we have plenty of space in the Cruiser and off - road trailer.

Then hubby dropped the bomb... he is taking his parents with. Suddenly I have to plan for 6 people, arrange drinking and wash water for 8 days and the Cruiser looked smaller every time I tried to fit everything in. I am still trying so do come back next week to check the progress.

The full trip is 18 nights and is as follows:

Day 1-3 at Rooiputs (Botswana side about 23 kilometers from Twee Riviere. Apparently, the bore hole hasn't been fixed so there is no water available, but at least there is a toilet and shower shelter.

Day 4-5 at Mata Mata (South African side - full ablutions and fences)

Day 6 - Nossob (South Africa side - full ablutions and fences)

Day 7 - Polentswa (Botswana - no fences, apparently no water, but toilet and shower shelter and A-frame)

Day 8-9 Sizatswe (Botswana - no fences, no water, no ablutions)

Day 10-11 Swartpan (Botswana - no fences, no water, no ablutions)

Day 12-13 Sizatswe (Botswana - no fences, no water, no ablutions)

Day 14 - Polentswa

Day 15 - Matopi (Botswana - no fences, no water, no ablutions)

Day 16-18 Mabuasehube ( Botswana - no fences, A-frame, ablutions and hopefully water)

Now the problem facing us is to carry enough water for drinking and washing for 6 people for 8 days. According to the information I could find, the gate at KAA seldom has water to provide so we can't count on getting some water there.

Next week I'll let you know how the planning comes along. For more information about the Kgalagadi Camps check out these articles:


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Until next week.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Yolande,

    Wil graag weet hoe vorder jul beplanning? Ons wil ook graag binnekort die Kgalagadi gaan besoek en is al 'n rukkie besig met navorsing en beplanning ens. Het nog nie 'n vaste tyd nie... Sal graag meer wil weet as dit moontlik is asb? My e-pos is Baie dankie!!!

    Vriendelike groete,